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Welcome to Homage Pakistan

For the assistance of our customers we have enlisted all our dealer locations for easy tracking of your nearest dealers. You can also check out our news and media for our latest TVC’s & promotions. Moreover, you can see all our achievements and awards rewarded to us. Updates related to our brand and sponsorships.

Refrigerators:Homage has introduced Refrigerators and Deep Freezer giving an aesthetic look to the interior of your home.Homage Refrigerators are true reflections of modern design and technology with excellency.

Generators: Homage generators are an essential necessity for scorching summers delivering the power supply whenever you require it. In unannounced long periods of load shedding and fluctuating voltage situation, you can rely on Homage generators.

Battery: At Homage, we aspire to provide a long-term solution towards an improved living. Knowing the countless problems consumers face with automobile batteries used with power backup appliances, due to unavailability of batteries especially for inverters, we came up with a solution.

Inverters: Homage brings a new series of Inverters and Solar inverters which are designed to provide you with a complete power backup solution and relieve you from woes of energy crisis.

Solar Panel: Homage has introduced Solar Panels and solar inverters to provide you with a complete power backup solution which is not only durable but also requires minimal maintenance.