Established in 2007, Homage is now a leading brand in power and home appliances industry of Pakistan. Homage is now a name synonymous with strength, quality and performance which is why the brand pays Tribute to Good Living.

With over 15 years of service, Homage has not only expanded its product line in Pakistan’s Power and Home appliances category but it also has 24 official service centers spreading all across the country. Homage power appliances include Solar panels, Generators, Inverters, Gel and AGM Battery while Microwave ovens and Water Dispensers fall in Home appliances category of the brand.

Building on to the trust of customers and consumers, Homage products are available all across Pakistan through our wide dealer network, major modern trade outlets & e-commerce portals. The brand aspires to provide long term solution towards an improved living carrying along the dedicated management and its vision.

The growth and success of Homage power solutions is testimony in itself that the brand is serving the nation by providing self sustaining eco friendly electricity through its solar package. Homage appliances are designed with the latest technology in which the safety and security features are on top for the users.

With a vision to meet the horizons, today, Homage is expanding in terms of innovations and technology. The ultimate objective of the brand is to continue serving the customers with healthy living, eco friendly appliances and offering perfect blend of after sales service to the customers.

We at R&I are committed to continuously strive for
surpassing customer & consumer expectations in
Quality and Price Competitively.



Homage Emerged As a Brand.


Homage Become the number 1 in Selling power products all over Pakistan.


Homage entered into Major Domestic Appliances market by launching Homage Air conditioners and Refrigerators.


Homage Launched it's very own E-Commerce Portal.

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